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Asian Men Hair Style

Written by Dalma Verona on . Posted in Men's Fashion

Asian Men are not considered as lavish and stylish as European men but trust me if they know how to dress up well and make good hair style, nothing is sexier than these boys. Those days of bowl cuts are gone in fact now Asian men are known for their gel set hair styles. Have a look at Asian men celebrities and you will come across many ultra stylish haircuts. Even in some cases, Asian celebrities have set the trends of hair styles all across the globe.

There are many stylish haircut looks which are suitable for Asian men and help boosts their personality. Throughout Asia, usually people feel comfortable carrying shirt hair but it is not hard to add style to these short hairs. Like adding some texture with the help of hair oil or get-set-go gel is a quick way to do your hair. This is not only in fashion but will also give a professional yet crispy image to your personality. Have you seen Jason Tobin and his razored shag? This look might be traditional and look like school-going haircut but if you learn to carry these uneven hairs in a stylish confident way, you will rock the world.

For college going boys, David Beckham faux hauk style will be perfect. It gives them big city boys look and an attitude which is impressive to carry along. Well, if you are not satisfied with any other haircut, shave your head and get a bald look. This will give you a bold statement specially if you know how to carry it confidentially.

-Photo By Wisekwai (Own work) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC-BY-SA-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

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Brad Pitt Style

Written by Dalma Verona on . Posted in Celebrity

Brad Pitt just has Style in every way.

If you are a guy and you are looking forward to impress a girl, the fastest way to that is get into Brad Pitt’s style. No matter what this man wears, he knows how to carry it in a way to look amazingly charming. You might have observed him wearing ordinary outfits but still looking stunning in huge masses. Brad Pitt has got the honour to win “Sexiest man alive” award two times. Man is known for wearing the style he could move around freely. You would have never seen him wearing anything funky or heavy which makes him uncomfortable.

Have you ever seen Brad Pitt being photographed and making fake poses? No! As he loves to stay natural with anything he does. As a fashion icon, he always does experiments with his hair style, and wardrobes but seems like he is made for every new fashion. Maybe that is the reason; he is still seen on cover page of world renowned fashion magazines.

If you are looking forward to style like Brad Pitt, do not select a heavy perfect wardrobe. In fact a three piece suit with a shirt top button undone and a loose tie will do the work. You may also choose a casual blazer and dress pant if aim to just hang around in street or go for shopping. The Style icon brad Pitt is not a fan of printed fabric but he always prefers to wear plain shirts, jackets and trousers. He rarely leaves his home without dark sun glasses and hair properly done. When in casual mood, you would see him wearing men bracelets. With all such styling, one could guess why he is such a fashion tycoon.

 We wan’t more of Brad Pitt Style!

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-Photo By SpreePiX from Budapest, HU (IMG_8724_1 Brad Pitt) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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