Kanye West is most certainly a top fashion icon and is either loved or hated for it.

Many people don’t ‘get’ his fashion sense, while others rave about his bold fashion choices.  Fashion is a way to express oneself and that’s exactly what Kanye West is doing.  Men’s fashion can be tricky sometimes.

What is considered too extreme as far as being too feminine with men’s fashion?  Many men feel that wearing big, shiny jewelry is not for them.  And they might be right.  Jewelry isn’t right for every guy.  However, many men are stepping outside of their fashion security zone and taking the leap into the men’s jewelry world.

Kanye West is certainly one of those guys who can pull of a stunning men’s bracelet with any outfit he wears.  He expresses himself through his clothing and accessories.  So what if he wants to wear big Pharaoh chains and shutter shades?  He is moving fashion forward with his innovative styles.

Point is, if you are a man trying to broaden your fashion sense and wardrobe, you can start small.  You don’t have to go from one extreme to the other!  Start by choosing clothes that you feel comfortable in and that look great on you, but aren’t what you would normally wear.  If you see something on another man and feel that you can pull it off, then try!  Another great way to start small is to add accessories such as mens bracelets or chain.  This way you don’t have to completely change your look.

Do you think Kanye West is a Fashion Icon?

-Photo By Tyler Curtis (Stunning Entrance, original resolution) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons