Yeah! George Clooney Style Do I need to say more!

George Clooney – screen star, actor, director, fashion icon- is a man of classic style. No one could think that a sitcom actor will shine like a star on the screens of Hollywood cinema. He is no doubt a wonderful actor, but there is more than that which leads him to stardom. His ultra classic style is his biggest secret behind the fame he earned throughout the world. Let us talk about the style he carries and how can one copy that on his own.

One of the biggest contributions in Clooney’s looks is his serious yet beautiful eyes which are enough to take someone’s breath away. His sense of dressing always inspire men and women both especially when he wears designer’s linen and wool suits which are so perfect for a figure like George Clooney. He knows what suits him the best and that is why these elegant well fitted suiting is his signature style. When it comes to colour, one could hardly point him out wearing anything other than black and white.

Despite of Clooney’s decent sense of clothing, one could never ignore him among stars with bright colours. This is maybe because he adds dull colour clothing with fantastic timepiece or mens bracelets. Most recently, he was captured wearing Italian charm bracelet on a function. When it comes to gray hair, no one could carry them the way Clooney does. In fact, people have stopped dying their hair only because they wanted to copy George Clooney style. His finger combed hair and stylish look makes his look sexier than many other young men.

We are swooming for more George Clooney Style…

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-Photo By Nicolas Genin (66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons