During the last presidential race, fashion has emerged to be the forefront of every headline. If you could remember well, Hillary Clinton’s epic pantsuits was a trending topic because the Clintons were still residing at the White House; even when she decided to pursue her political plans, the trend about her get up still continued. During the electoral race, the media were given lists of every candidate’s designer and every dress that he or she wears. This is mandatory.

These series of events actually brought about the issue about the now President Barack Obama’s fashion sense. It can be seen that President Obama has a peculiar modern day take on men’s fashion. He has a very vivid and conservative point of view on suits and there were also instances where he wore an open collar shirt minus the tie. As a matter of fact, this stirred a whirl of opinions from the press. In cases like this, the men’s fashion industry has undoubtedly regarded him as an item for high fashion icon. This claim is evidenced by the high demand of his suit before and after the election. President Barack Obama’s suit was a Hartmax which is unsurprising to gain popularity because the sensible and sharp cut it possesses.

It is clear that the public servant’s taste for fashion has an impact on the society. There are apparent pieces that marks an etch on the public and one of these are a few sensible suits.