David Beckham Fashion IconFor some, soccer star David Beckham might be better known for modeling underwear than his play for the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS. Being a model has earned him a lot of fame in the United Kingdom. In the seventeen years of history of the prestigious Elle magazine, David Beckham, come July, will be the first male to pose solo for the cover of the magazine in the United Kingdom.

The fashion icon is a man laid back with his macho looks who has fun wearing almost anything and everything when not in his soccer uniform. Everything you can see in the men’s department has probably been tried on by David Beckham’s stylish mind. He is someone who has changed the view of the world on men who have their nails done and have their hair cut by golden scissors. He also took it one step further and created a brand in his own name, advertising his own collection and perfumes and fragrances.

A little secret to Beckham keeps is to mix and match anything you see. Being the icon requires you to be ahead, staying on top of fashion trends, knowing your basic fashion rules, always being fresh and new rotating your style, and not being bound to all the style rules. Go further, go where no one else has dared to venture and come out shining like a star. Every fashionable person everywhere both men and women alike admire David Beckham because he is the epitome of fashion itself.

Photo By The Democratic Alliance (David Beckham) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons