It seems that everybody is in to the idea of embracing another culture’s fashion trends. In fact, this idea is really not very new for people ever since the modernization has begun. People are no longer boxed in the idea of stereotyping: the idea of “our culture is ours and what’s yours is yours.” Today, we see Indian men wearing an American type of fashion sense. Then we see American men wearing a vest that originated in India or on Asia. This type of phenomenon is priceless in a sense that men’s fashion has the kind of charisma that could bind men from various culture, religion and country.

One of the best examples that we could site is Ahmir Khan from Bollywood. He’s an actor, a producer, and a film director. He has brought great pride and honor in India because of his crafts. One of which is the independent film, “3 Idiots.” Ahmir has successfully fused his knowledge about the Indian culture and his expertise in movie making with an English touch to it. Not to mention, we always see him around wearing dashing polo shirts with sleeves folded until the elbow topped with a vest and a black slacks; just like how an American would wear it.

In the world of men’s fashion, what matters is how you wear a particular outfit with confidence and style. It does not matter whether you are from this country or not. As long as you give justice to the entire outfit, you will always be in the right track.