We are in the 21st century and most people, if not all, are really conscious and vigilant about what others think of them. Image is one of the most important factors for people these days because of the kind of careers out there. On top of the booming industries we have is the entertainment industry. Vehemently to say, there are a lot of men actors who can really sport their stuff not only on screen but also in an ordinary day. And Gerard Butler is not an exception to all of these. Hot and awesome are two understatements for this guy. We see this guy wear men’s bracelet on almost every day. Media usually spots him wearing these trendy bracelets which have been growing more and more popularity these days. Talk about being fashionable but actually Butler loves to keep it real simple. In an average day, we see Butler wearing simple semi-fit t-shirts and leather jackets that are paired up with great fitting denims and leather jacket.

Remember his movie PS I Love You in 2007? He starred it with the equally talented and strong actress Hilary Swank. In this chick-flick movie, he plays, Gerry, the Irishman who loves his wife so much. The way he dresses in this movie is no different on his daily wardrobe ensemble. At some point in the film, his wrists were full of men’s bracelet which is really great to see. The focus was no more than 5 seconds but for those who have an eye for fashion it was just enough to gaze on those great pieces.

In the year 2007, fashionable accessories weren’t really that big yet for men because these were generally linked to women. And manhood was a major concern, nonetheless, there were still men who pull the string very well and wear those awesome men’s bracelet but still manage to look cool. Butler and many other men out there dared the norm. They very well wore those great pieces. An accessory can actually make or break a look. Butler often pulls his ensemble together with a laidback outfit, a Starbucks coffee on one hand and trendy accessories on the other.