Channing Tatum Short hairAccording to women, men are not as keen about their hair style as they are but this is not entirely true. If you get a chance to check history, there are many men who wear their short hair in with dignity and style. According to men, making their short hair look stylish is a sense of pride to them. Majority of men prefer to have short hair as this can be carried casually as well as formally without any trouble. The biggest advantage of short hairstyle is that it suits almost all kind of faces.

According to ancient times, people used to wear long hair but for almost a century they like to have short hair. There could be many reasons behind this likeness of men’s short hair. Some people have short hair because they are bound to do so according to their religion. In addition to that, those who are athletes or sportsmen keep their hair short so they could play effectively.

If you are looking for a casual hairstyle look, get a sliced razor cut or very short crops. This will suit you even more if you have got short but straight hair. If you own wavy hair, do not regret as there is nothing better than top heavy one length look for outing and beech picnics. There are many more styles for short hair which men may choose from. You should keep this thing in mind that those times are gone when men were less concerned about fashion hair styles. So, see what is in fashion and choose it for yourself.

Photo By Peabody Awards (Channing Tatum) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons