Men say that hats are something that should be left behind from the past, something that should be left from the specific era where it originated, or something should never be seen again by people in their lifetimes. Good thing that not all guys acknowledges this notion. For the record, we still see a lot of men out there wearing their hats for specific reasons. Actually, hats are made for reasons. One of which is to protect the head from the cold breeze during the winter season. Studies say that around 80% of the body’s heat is lost through the head. The man’s hat can be used for practical reasons. Other people love its functionality. We see a lot of movies, especially the ones in the late 80s and early 90s; men wear hats to hide their baldness. There is nothing really wrong with being bald. But if you’re too shy or not yet comfortable flaunting those scalps, the hat can be a very good concealer for that. Some like to wear it to stand out from the crowd. We see men dashingly wearing a hat that really spices up their entire ensemble. In extreme cases, a man’s hat could be the center of attraction when he wears it in the streets.

By now, a lot of men have a good idea why having a pair or so of hat is necessary. But it is understandable that some have a very repulsive disparity from wearing hats, while others will take the extra mile just to own twenty or more pairs of hats.