If you want to achieve the look you have always desired, you can start with studying your favorite male celebrity’s style. Looking for your own niche could take some time but trust us, you will end up happy. In your own little way you can try copying some of their wardrobe that best suits you and maybe add some thoughts of your own. Try also to break new styles and dare to push the envelope, of course, without looking and trying too hard. There are only two words you need to remember in fashion: be artistic and experimental. One of the trends today is for example a men’s leather bracelet in your wardrobe. Needless to say in what style you feel comfortable with, but you should just wear it with some confidence.

If you want to achieve a funky and manly style, you should try to look for jeans that are edgy and has a grunge feel to it. The key is to find a pair of jeans that hugs your lower torso in all the right places. You can choose any style of denims you like but the dark ones are more advisable. Once you’ve found the best fitting jeans, it is then time to pair it up with some button up shirts. Plain shirts work best with dark jeans. Edgy looks are more on the minimal side of fashion. And to boost things up you need to accessorize. This ought to complete the entire ensemble. One of the most popular accessories these days are the men’s leather bracelet. They add texture to the outfit and works best in any attire. A cutting-edge jewelry for men does not disappoint and will always be one of the reasons why ladies hover over men. Wrapping up, we recommend that you wear a bracelet in one arm only. This will draw every eye in that specific area. With the style you have that celebrity vibe is never too far away.