We’re in the middle of summer and the sun is still scorching hot and what better way to celebrate it, is to go out and have fun! Months before this season hits, a lot of men ready their body so they can confidently show it to the public. But how can it be possible that we see a lot of fashion blunders in this season where minimal clothing is required. Possibly there is something about the scorching heat of the sun that makes men’s fashion a bit carefree that they normally do not do with the rest of the year. Probably some think that this season is a legal license to forget about all the discriminating taste of the society. Regardless, here are some of men’s fashion blunders this summer:

Socks and Footwear

At any given time of the year, men would choose to be covered with warm socks and a pair of great leather shoes. But this season, men can skip the formality and wear comfortable flats or men’s sandals.

Cargo Shorts

Shorts having huge pockets at the sides are from the 90’s so we can leave it at that. This century, the modern shorts with a slim cut are fashionable. The ones that is similar to our favorite pair of jeans.  Patterns are also added to the shorts. There are bold plaids or even khaki for a semi-formal look. When you buy a pair in the store, make sure that the cut from your hips to the hem is straight and should not stray away from that line.

Board Shorts

Men think that they can just automatically pick the shorts they like because it’s summer. But the great way to deal with this is to make sure that the hems falls and inch or two above the knee. Its summer but it doesn’t mean we have to look sloppy. Men’s fashion doesn’t really have to be big. Keeping things in a minimal perspective with an added touch of taste should keep you ready for one great summer getaway.