Long before the torch was even lit, a competition was going on. And now that the London Olympics 2012 has officially begun, we’re not only interested in who’s going to earn the gold medal but also on the various fashion styles and clothings each delegate is wearing. The opening was just very recently and we are hyped with all the cultural representation and the fashion wardrobe the delegates were wearing.

It was one of the grandest openings by far in Olympic history. It was very” British-ly” done as a matter of fact. The Royal family were there of course, the international football star David Beckham and the Harry Potter cast – need we say more? But beyond the extravagant Olympic opening, there is also a fashion battle from various athletes representing their country. Athletes don’t necessarily have to wear sportswear like jerseys or those spandex shorts, rather they will get to wear something that speaks well of their country’s culture. Team USA will be wearing a Ralph Lauren creation. For instance, USA swimmer Ryan Loche is seen with a heavily branded ensemble during the Olympic trial. While, the Filipino men wore their traditional “Barong Tagalog” to pay tribute and respect to their motherland. These are just examples of what takes fold in every Olympics. We’re not just talking about sportsmanship and athletic competition, but we are also seeing a competition or a runway between countries all coming together to showcase their unique fashion styles. After the opening, we will be seeing some of these athletic men wearing their respective uniform. So, which country are you supporting?