Alias. Limitless. The Hangover. If you have seen each and every series of movies, then you can consider yourself a fan. Bradley Cooper has finally made it to the industry with flying colors. Indeed, he is famous in every aspect not only for his acting but also in the fashion arena. He exudes confidence and boldness in every outfit he wears. But we bet that it isn’t just about his piercing eyes that makes both men and women like him, he’s outfits are very relateable in today’s fashion world. Brad Cooper wears a lot of suits, especially on the red carpet events and premieres. He is that kind of a guy. And he loves his blazers too. Men these days need to try out a different perspective when it comes to casual-smart dressing like Brad does. You have to look smart and cute all at the time so you can go and grab that dream job of yours and woman you want to go on a date with. You can either see him wearing a tie to match his suit or a scarf. Brad Cooper also knows how to wear those old graphic tees but he wears it with a twist. He adds some leather or a blazer jacket. This gives his look a rocky twist, without going overboard with those huge metal necklaces. He’s very good at balancing things and never overdresses. That is one thing that we admire a lot about Brad Cooper.