Digging the style of RnB icon Neyo? Then you’re in the right place. Neyo’s style is sophisticated, devastatingly dapper, and suave. We’ve been told that Neyo always smells great and this is just one of the many things that ladies are certainly looking for a guy to have. Although we don’t have any confirmation about the brand of cologne or perfume he’s using but it definitely matches his style. Interestingly, we notice Neyo always pair up his ensemble with Fedoras, hats, Kangols and also those ski caps. They look gorgeous on Neyo and men can also wear them too. This is what makes him so relateable that every guy in the alley can copy his style. It does not entail rocket science and a huge sum of money to do that.

For those who want to follow Neyo’s fashion style, first and foremost you need to purchase a fedora hat. The crease-crowned hat is actually pretty much the main stem of the entire ensemble. And then get the basic male staples such as a fitted polo, a jacket and then a vest. In all of Neyo’s music videos, pretty much we see him wearing these kind of clothes. Regardless of what race you’re in – black, white, Caucasian, African American or even Asian – everyone has the right to wear Neyo’s style. Just don’t forget to add some men’s bracelets or stack them on one wrist. Neyo’s owns some of them. You can get yours on a lot of online sites such as My Men’s Bracelets.